Kitchen Light randomly goes out every ~10 minutes

by Zack   Last Updated April 16, 2018 02:21 AM

For the past few weeks, we've noticed our kitchen track lighting randomly "goes out" every 10 or so minutes. It started out just "flickering" off for a few seconds before coming back on. Sometimes the lights will randomly go to ~1/4 the brightness for a minute or two before going back to full brightness.

Now, It's gotten to the point to where the lights go out completely for 1-2 minutes before coming back on.

I've noticed that nothing else on the kitchen circuit goes out with the lights either -so it must be related to the cheap track lighting.

Could the issue be the transformer for the lights? Model SL-728 If so (not so), what could I test to make sure or determine what the issue is?

Thanks so much!

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