How to prevent algae formation in basin pipe?

by Wrichik Basu   Last Updated February 13, 2018 13:21 PM

In my house, I have a basin, the pipe of which is causing problems.


The pipe of this basin is connected to the same drain as the washing machine drain pipe. As a result, when the machine drains away water, due to the huge speed of water from the machine pipe, the water overflows up from the basin pipe joint. In order to fix this, I've fixed the joint with plaster of Paris, and now, water no longer comes put from the joint. But on the other hand, in order to remove the pipe, I have to literally break the plaster of Paris.

The Problem:

I'm facing a problem of algae formation in this pipe. It is algae, and not dirt, because it's forming over the mouth in the basin as well. But it is relatively easy to remove the algae from the mouth, than from the pipe.

I have already tried treating with acid, drain cleaners, and also the youtube remedies of using baking powder, vinegar and followed by boiling water. But none of the methods are able to actually remove the algae from the sides of the pipe. In the picture below, the dark parts are the algae, while the white parts are free from algae.

enter image description here

I've finally decided to take off the pipe tomorrow and clean it properly by hitting it against the wall in bathroom (the jerking cleans off most of the algae).

Is there anything that I can do on a periodic basis, which will prevent algae formation? It's very difficult to go through the above procedure again and again.

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