TV, Monitor reset periodically

by Tahlor   Last Updated February 06, 2018 07:21 AM

Recently moved into this house, built in 1994:

  • Computer monitor resets: This happens periodically (possibly when large electrical appliances kick on like the fridge), but it also happens almost every time when a fairly proximate ~15w LED light is switched on. I have it on a MinuteMan UPS now, but it doesn't help. It is not on a circuit with any large appliances.
  • TV resets: This also happens seemingly randomly, though again, it could be correlated with e.g. the fridge compressor. Again, no large appliances are on this circuit, nor is it on the same circuit as the monitor above.
  • Bang/clicking noise: Sometimes at night I'll hear a single bang/click noise seemingly from the wall, though there are no nearby appliances of which I am aware--I think this noise may be correlated with e.g. the TV resetting (maybe I'm hearing the furnace jolt through the duct?).

Not sure if all of these are related, or if I should focus on resolving them individually. Given that the house is new to me and the electronics are not (and were working fine in a previous residence), I'm assuming it's the house's (or the community's) electrical problems.

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