Light with 3 way switch does not work. Need help!

by Ravinder Singh   Last Updated December 31, 2017 20:21 PM

I have a 3 way switch with Source at First Switch and Light Between (same a diagram)

enter image description here

I opened light fixture to pained the wall and after putting the light it did not work. I have tried following the wiring diagram but still does not work.

To ensure if my light fixture is good - when i plug it it outlet then it turns on.

To troubleshoot I even took out light fixture and tried attaching to source hot and neutral wire but light still does not work. when checking hot wire with multimeter it shows 122 volts with ground but show 0 with neutral wire.

I am not sure what I am missing and where to start as when direct connection of light fixture with source wire does not work then hooking up switches is also not working as expected.

Can someone help diagnose this? Its been like this since last few weeks me being little lazy.

Any help is appreciated.

Answers 1

If you measured 122 volts from hot to ground but 0 volts from hot to neutral then the neutral path is broken somewhere between the circuit breaker box and the place where you made those measurements.

The most likely point of failure is the wire nut connecting the two neutral wires at SW1, but you may have to trace the fault toward the breaker box. Just keep measuring between hot and neutral.

A. I. Breveleri
A. I. Breveleri
December 31, 2017 20:20 PM

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