A catalytic wood furnace with auto-preheat and management?

by Dale Mahalko   Last Updated December 07, 2017 08:21 AM

Is there such a thing as a catalytic wood furnace with electric preheating for the catalyst, and automatic fan / air damper controls to manage the catalyst temperature?

Catalysts typically do not start working until they have reached a minimum operating temperature. Until this point is reached, a cold catalytic wood furnace is running inefficiently. Wood gas is either escaping and condensing in the exhaust and chimney, or it is coating the catalyst and helping to plug it up before it reaches operating temperature.

Then meanwhile if you just load wood, set the manual dampers for startup, and forget about it, the honeycomb frame of the catalyst can run too hot as the fire roars up, and it then cracks and breaks down, or the catalyst gets so hot that it melts, boils off the honeycomb, and escapes up the chimney.

So you have to baby and fiddle with a catalytic stove, running it as hot as possible to heat up the catalyst when it's cold, and then back off and run the fire slower once operating temperature is reached, or risk damaging the catalyst.

Are there any automatic catalytic wood furnaces with electronic controls that just take care of all this fooling around, automatically? Load the wood, press a Start button and walk away? Don't touch the dampers, it will handle it for you.

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