Should I use round or rectangular electrical boxes for stubbing exterior security cameras?

by Nick   Last Updated December 07, 2017 07:21 AM

I'm building a new house and can't afford the cameras now, but I want to install the boxes on the exterior of the house and run Cat6 cable to them for PoE IP cameras at a later date. It is much easier to install boxes and cable (also the cheapest part) while the siding and drywall and insulation are not in place.

The boxes will be mounted on the wall (not under the eves), and probably about 8' off the ground so they can get faces, but not be in reach for tampering without a ladder.

But, without knowing what specific model of camera I'll get (and models will change as time goes on), should I install one-gang rectangular, two-gang rectangular, or 4" round boxes like the kind used for exterior light fixtures?

Is one type of box preferred over another, or is it adaptable later where it doesn't matter?

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