What affects the pressue in an open vented central heating system

by Paul Taylor   Last Updated December 06, 2017 11:21 AM

Radiators in my loft do not work well, one proposed cause is insufficient pressure, other than the feed/cistern height what affects this ?

Although my radiators are in Loft the cistern in a roof void above the loft so I don't really see why my systems is any worse than if I had radiators on first floor, and then feed/cistern directly above on attic floor. Also since the house is effectively three stories with feed/cistern effectively on fourth storey it would seem the height and therefore pressure would actually be better than average.

I cannot move the tank any higher so what else affects the pressure ?

One thought I had is that air does seem to get into system could this be reducing the pressure, and where can the air be coming in from

I have already bled all radiators, circulating pump and magna clean system.

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