Stale air in house with windows

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Here's a rough diagram of the apartment:

enter image description here

There's absolutely no air flow in the apartment, probably because of the directions (up = south)

The worst area of the apartment is the left section, as it contains heat-generating appliances (refrigerator, cold water bar, etc)

What would be the best way to ventilate the apartment? Will putting a fan on the window do the trick? What should be the direction of the fan - to insert fresh air from outside, or to exhaust hot air from the inside?

Usually all doors and windows are open except for the small window on the bottom-right side of the diagram.

Answers 1

Fans move air. If you need to move air in this apartment then fans will be your friend. Putting fans in windows will be the most sure way to get air to flow in or out without it just circulating around inside.

There are downsides of using portable fans:

  1. Fans make noise.
  2. Fans in windows project some of the noise outside which may annoy neighbors.
  3. You will have to deal with cords strung over to an outlet to power the fan(s).
  4. Fans consume electrical power so will have some impact on your utility bill.
  5. Some types of fans may represent a safety hazard unless they are equipped with proper grills and screens to keep body parts away from spinning fan blades.
  6. Fans in windows may obscure views or light coming in.

Some advantages:

  1. Portable fans are for the most part are relatively cheap.
  2. You can position the fans experimentally to achieve the result you need.
  3. Moving air will feel cooler than stagnant air.
  4. There may be seasons where the fans are not needed and it is easy to store a portable fan away till needed again.
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Michael Karas
August 16, 2017 09:51 AM

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