Books for highschool students to increase exposure to methods/ techniques in algebra, calculus, Coordinate Geometry

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I want to know about mathematics books for high school students which focus more towards exposure of a student to different methods or ways of solving problems in Algebra, Calculus , Coordinate Geometry. Most of the books available contain problems based on very similar types of questions or a particular method/methodology being used for the solutions (Maybe because it's the authors style or what he is used to).

I am asking this because I was reading a book by George polya "how to solve it?" in which he says

Do you know a related problem? We can scarcely imagine a problem absolutely new, unlike and unrelated to any formerly solved problem; but, if such a problem could exist, it would be insoluble. In fact, when solving a problem, we always profit from previously solved prob-lems, using their result, or their method, or the experi-ence we acquired solving them. And, of course, the problems from which we profit must be in some way related to our present problem. Hence the question: Do you know a related problem?

And so I'm looking for a book that can increase my exposure towards topics like Algebra, Calculus and Coordinate-Geometry

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