Graphs in latex

by jane   Last Updated August 14, 2019 15:20 PM

I am trying to build some kind of a tree, but in its node instead of a symbol I want to put a framebox. Also, in that framebox at a specific position I want an other framebox. While I couldn't find a way to use the tree structure that exists in latex in order to do so, I started putting frameboxes at the positions that I wanted. Thus, I built the following, but now I don't know how too draw a line that connects each $b_i$ to the s.


    \put(25,35){\framebox(14,10){\Large server} }
    \put(0,5){\framebox(14,10){\Large browser 1}}
    \put(25,5){\framebox(14,10){\Large browser 2}}
    \put(50,5){\framebox(14,10){\Large browser 3}}
    \put(55.5,12) {\framebox(3,3){$b_3$}}



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