Notation for weights of Edges in Graph Theory

by Benno Grimm   Last Updated August 14, 2019 15:20 PM

I got a question regarding the used notation of weight on the edges of Graphs (I'm quite new to Graph Theory, so don't judge). enter image description here

How would you express the weights of a edge. For example say that the weight of the Edge $(K_1,K_2)$ is 5 (or whatever). Is there a way to express this other than through plain text.

Thanks in advance :)

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The straightforward approach is to define the weighting function from $E$ (the edges) to $\mathbb{R}$, $\mathbb{Z}$, $\mathbb{N}$, or whatever other field you want to use for the weights.

In my experience this function is usually called $w$. (Someone suggested in the comments to use $\omega$, which I find surprising).

Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor
August 14, 2019 15:10 PM

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