How to conduct quasi poisson regression on count data by quarter in R

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Given the following table/data with count data for 'local' across 6 quarters

      Var1  Var2 Freq
1  2015 Q3 Local 26
2  2015 Q4 Local 81
3  2016 Q1 Local 81
4  2016 Q2 Local 62
5  2016 Q3 Local 112
6  2016 Q4 Local 96

how do I run a quasi-poisson regression in R that shows me whether there is a trend in Freq across quarters? I have tried the following, which does not work as I want as it gives me one slope for each quarter included rather than 1 1 slope across all quarters.

frequency_UPA1_LG_glm = glm(Freq ~ Var1, family = "quasipoisson", data = frequency_UPA1_LG)

partial output obtained:

            Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
(Intercept)    3.258         NA      NA       NA
Var12015 Q4    1.136         NA      NA       NA
Var12016 Q1    1.136         NA      NA       NA
Var12016 Q2    0.869         NA      NA       NA
Var12016 Q3    1.460         NA      NA       NA

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