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by Roshan   Last Updated October 15, 2018 00:19 AM

I am compiling a list of models under Regression analysis(Whatever I think is useful for Machine learning) which is divided into two models i.e Parametric and Non-parametric Regression. Got most of the models from wikepedia but it's so confusing as there are different models and approaches all over the place . Hence I wanted to make a list that can help others and myself, so that we can refer all possible models under Regression.

1)Linear Regression
  1.Simple linear Regression
    >Ordinary Least Squares(OLS)
    >Deming Regression
    >Least Absolute Deviations Regression(LAD)
    >Theil–Sen Estimator
  2.Multiple Linear Regression
    >Polynomial Regression
    >Ordinary Least Squares(OLS)
    >Weighted least squares
    >Partial least squares
  3.Multivariate/General Linear Regression
  4.Gradient Descent
    >Batch Gradient Descent
    >Mini-Batch Gradient Descent
    >Stochastic Gradient Descent
2)Generalized Linear Model (GLM)
3)Logistic Regression
  1.Generalized linear model
  2.Iteratively reweighted least squares (IRLS)
  3.Maximum likelihood estimation
  4.Evaluating Goodness of fit  
    >Deviance and Likelihood ratio test
    >Hosmer-Lemeshow test
    >Pseudo R squared
    >R squared
  5.Assess significance of Regression coefficients
    >Case-control sampling
    >Likelihood ratio test
    >Wald statistics 
    >Batch Gradient Descent
    >Mini-Batch Gradient Descent
    >Stochastic Gradient Descent
    >Conjugate Gradient
  1.Ridge Regression
  2.Lasso Regression
  3.ElasticNet Regression
5)Non-Linear Regression
  >Ordinary Least Squares(OLS)
  >Weighted least squares
6)Quantile Regression 
7)Segmented Regression
8)Percentage Regression
1)Gaussian process regression or Kriging
2)Kernel Regression
3)Nonparametric multiplicative regression (NPMR)

Can you guys tell me if I have put the models in the correct list and also tell me where I should put the models that I haven't placed under any header yet like:

Principal Component Regression  
Partial Least Square Regression  
Support Vector Regression  
Ordinal Regression  
Poisson Regression  
Negative Binomial Regression  
Quasi-Poisson Regression  
Cox Regression  

Also can you let me know which of these are necessary for machine learning(as I am interested in statistical analysis and applied machine learning).

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