Anova test with quantile regression model

by StephanEr   Last Updated August 10, 2018 13:19 PM

I want to create a anova test with two or more non-linear quantile regression models:

obj.nlrq.025 <- nlrq(Biomass ~ SSlogis(Time,phi1,phi2,phi3), data=dat,tau=0.25)
obj.nlrq.05 <- nlrq(Biomass ~ SSlogis(Time,phi1,phi2,phi3), data=dat,tau=0.5)
obj.nlrq.075 <- nlrq(Biomass ~ SSlogis(Time,phi1,phi2,phi3), data=dat,tau=0.75)

quantreg:anova.rq(obj.nlrq.025$m, obj.nlrq.05$m, obj.nlrq.075$m)

    Error in formula(x)[[2]] : object of type 'closure' is not subsettable

sig.qr <- anova(obj.nlrq.025$m, obj.nlrq.05$m, obj.nlrq.075$m)

    Error in UseMethod("anova") : 
    no applicable method for 'anova' applied to an object of class "nlrqModel"

Both methods anova and anova.rq from quartreg don't work. With normal nls objects I have no problems.

I want to test whether significant difference exists among these quantiles ...(referred from PUIATTI, Guilherme Alves et al. Quantile regression of nonlinear models to describe different levels of dry matter accumulation in garlic plants. )

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