ltem Response Theory - standard error equal to NA

by user3233712   Last Updated April 19, 2018 14:19 PM

I am estimating standard error for IRT-2PL and IRT-3PL models. For IRT-2PL, some of the standard errors are equal to NA while in IRT-3PL all standard errors are equal to NA. To clarify more, I have around 30 items, which the standard error for 28 of them is correct while the standard error for two of them is NA (this is for IRT-2PL). In IRT-3PL, the standard error for all 30 items is equal to NA.

What would be the reason for getting these NA?

Here is some statistic about the data:

Number of users: 144

Number of items:30

Number of total user-item transaction =2646

Data sparsity:40.7%

user-item response is binary (0 or 1), i.e. if a user could answer a question (item) correctly, the value is 1 otherwize 0.

FYI, I am using the ltm package in R to estimate the standard error.


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