Best way to analyse proportion data with multiple explanatory variables

by Charlie Jones   Last Updated January 12, 2018 21:19 PM

My data set consists of the following names(df): Year Location Species %Cover. It looked at plant cover and was collected using quadrats on a rocky substrate. There are n = 3 locations, and primarily I want to compare e.g. Location 1 and Location 1 in Year 1 and Year 2. However, I would also like to look at the differences of %Cover between Species, in the same location, depending on the year.

Right now, I believe that converting %Cover into a proportion, and then using family = binomial, would be the best way to do this, and perhaps using a mixed model. But I am stuck on the specifics in terms of the R code, could suggest the best way to do this, and/or perhaps link an article as to the specifics?

Tags : r

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