Is there a native windows utility that I can make sense of DNS Query options, status and results with?

by Matt   Last Updated September 11, 2019 23:00 PM

I am troubleshooting a DNS issue and looking at logs I have never seen before. Some examples of what I find in the DNS Client Operational log....

DNS query is completed for the name, type 1, query options 1073766400 with status 87 Results 
Cache lookup called for name, type 1, options 2251800887582720 and interface index 0
Cache lookup for name, type 1 and option 2251800887582720 returned 9701 with results 

I am currently inferring results and was trying to find a way to lookup what the option, status and return code actually mean. I don't think they are proprietary and very little on the net directly references those numbers exclusively and I have failed to find a TechNet article that describes those values.

What do those values mean and is there a native windows utility that I can use to "decode" them>

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