VMware copy cloned image to external hard drive

by JohnP   Last Updated August 14, 2019 18:00 PM

I am running into difficulties trying to copy a cloned VM in VCenter to an external hard drive.

Currently I am running vSphere client version 6.0.0 build 2502222, and vCenter Server version 6 build 339083. I have 3 relevant hosts (A, B, and C for simplicity).

A has a cloned copy of one VM, B has a cloned copy of a second VM, and C has a 2 TB USB drive connected to the physical machine (Which I can get VM's on that host to see, but I can't seem to get the host to see it for a datastore).

I need to be able to get the cloned VM's onto the external HDD to send to a third party for evaluation/setup. I have found a few methods on the web, however they all require SSH access, which we do not have the credentials for. (Legacy system our group inherited).

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As you don't have a SSH access;

I would suggest to create a NFS share from inside one of your VM, map the NFS share to create the datastore from your ESX and copy the VHD there, and after copy it to the attached USB disk from inside the VM.

I assume a Windows VM (be sure to have enought hard disk space)

  • Add the NFS service.
  • Create the NFS share inside the VM.
  • In the ESX, map to that NFS's share.
  • From there copy the necessary file into that datastore. You need to select Copy To, and you can select the other datastore (that is your NFS share inside the VM)
  • From the VM you should see the file, simply re-copy it to the mapped USB device.
August 14, 2019 17:33 PM

One way to do this (there are several):

Connect the USB drive to a VM on host C. This will show up as a disk in the VM.

Copy your cloned VM's using the datastore browser from the VM on host C to the attached USB drive.

To avoid copying the cloned VM's across the network from host A and host B to the VM on host C you could connect the USB drive to host A, connect it to a VM on host A, copy the clone from the datastore browser to the USB drive... and then do the same thing for the clone on host B and host C.

August 14, 2019 17:41 PM

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