3rd motherboard, won't even turn on. None of them.

by SidedTech   Last Updated August 16, 2018 08:00 AM

Received MSI H310M PRO-V i5 - 8600 16 GB RAM 650 Watt PSU Unconnected GTX 1060

I built the computer the first time and it came on, and died.almost immediately. I checked for a short or an issue on my end, nothing. RMA, Newegg sends me another one. Same issue except this one never even bothers to power on. Do another RMA but this time Newegg recommends getting a new power supply at the same time.

I now also have ANOTHER coffee lake Intel CPU machine, and am able to test each other component (even using case button from bad comp to good comp and it turns on no problem).

Every component tested, motherboard never shows signs of life. I am on the THIRD MOTHERBOARD (😱) and again, no life outside of case with only power button and supply connected, and no life with everything connected.

All parts swapped for close to identical parts and worked IMMEDIATELY!

The only part that I have not swapped out was the CPU. Has anyone ever gotten a bad Intel CPU before?

I'm literally just grabbing at straws trying to find out if anyone says anything that might give me some hope.

This is probably my 60th or 70th build. Only my first one ever had a problem. :(

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