OSX Calendar Server: how to delete notification from database?

by Ric   Last Updated August 03, 2018 13:00 PM

We run an older OSX Server based on OS X 10.8.5 and Server 2.2.5 on top. One of the activated services is calendar server.

Few months ago one of the servers user has been deleted. But there is an existing calendar sharing invitation generated by this deleted user. If the invitee now tries to cancel or accept this invitation the local calendar on the users Mac gets corrupted.

I have now managed to see the source of this invitation in the collection listings at the servers notification list:



f391d005-782a-49a2-9abc-a44231a177d5.xml 2014-Dec-08 09:40  text/xml

If I open this xml it will look:

<invite-notification shared-type="calendar">
<href>mailto:[email protected]</href>
<common-name>COMMON NAME</common-name>
<summary>COMMON NAME</summary>
<supported-calendar-component-set><comp name="VEVENT"/></supported-calendar-component-set>

Weird thing: this happens only on BusyCal which is a calendar software for OSX. OSX calendar does not show this invitation at all.

The invitee gets a new invitation displayed. Meaningsless if the invitee accepts or refuses the invitation the local BusyCal database gets corrupted. We had to delete the local BusyCal database and set up the account at the local Mac.

I assume the error is because of the no longer existing user.

Is there any way to delete this notification at the servers database? Or any other ideas how to get rid of this notification?


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