After Windows 10 update 1803, network fails randomly

by AccessOPS   Last Updated July 16, 2018 17:00 PM

We have a network with 4 servers and several clients with W10.

The server's OS versions are:

  • W10 Enterprise: 10.0.17134.137
  • W10 Pro: 10.0.17134.165
  • W10 Enterprise: 10.0.17134.165
  • W10 Pro: 10.0.17134.165

After the update, wich took place by the end of May, we are experiencing several network issues: Many Client computers are unable to connect with the servers or connect only sometimes.

After looking for solutions over the internet, we have not found any way to solve this situation.

Anyone have experienced similiar network breakdowns after that update? Any clues to solve it?

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