Neither ping, nor SSH to VLAN 20

by user3747038   Last Updated July 12, 2018 19:00 PM

I have some questions in regards to the ping and the SSH to Switch2. It is in VTP client mode. I tried to SSH to the Vlan20 IP address which is I couldn't Error: "% Connection timed out; remote host not responding " After that, tried to ping from the machines in the same VLAN and received Request Timeout.

That is the show run of Switch2:

Current configuration : 1311 bytes

! version 12.2

no service timestamps log datetime msec

no service timestamps debug datetime msec

service password-encryption !

hostname CAT2 !

enable password 7 0822455D0A16 !

ip domain-name ! username yavor privilege 1 password 7 0822455D0A16


interface Vlan1 no ip address shutdown ! interface Vlan20

mac-address 0006.2a8d.3401

ip address !




line con 0 password 7 0822455D0A16 !

line vty 0 4

password 7 0822455D0A16

no login

transport input ssh

line vty 5 15


enter image description here

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