The lpr command does not work

by Haines Brown   Last Updated July 12, 2018 01:00 AM

I installed CUPS on a new machine and also lpr and hplip. It uses a HP usb printer. I installed the printer with cups and ran a test page successfully. Printer status is HP_LaserJet_1320_series (Idle, Accepting Jobs, Not Shared, Server Default).

Two problems. I cannot cancel jobs in the queue.

$ lpq lp is ready and printing Rank Owner Job Files Total Size active haines 4 (standard input) 34941 bytes 1st haines 5 (standard input) 321 bytes 2nd haines 6 sample2e.pdf

$ cancel 4 cancel: cancel-job failed: Job #4 does not exist.

Second problem is that lpr does not work

This prints: $ lp -d HP_LaserJet_1320_series /usr/share/cups/data/testprint request id is HP_LaserJet_1320_series-22 (1 file(s))

This also prints: $ lp /usr/share/cups/data/testprint

This does not print: $ lpr /usr/share/cups/data/testprint This sends the job to the queue, where it is not sent on to the printer. The job can't be canceled with the cancel command, but only with $ lprm.

Haines Brown

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