connect to server on wan and lan

by Yigido   Last Updated July 08, 2018 13:00 PM

recently I have started hosting my own personal server in my home. It is meant to be used as a server where I store my data, my projects and make it accessible from everywhere. I have got a free domain and a free ddns server so that I can access it outside my home. However, there is a problem, I can configure my IDE to use only one server, so ı configured it to use my domain name. The problem here is that when I try uploading my work after finishing it at home, I can't because when I try to connect to my domain in my local network, it forwards to the router config page. As I said I am new to this stuff and I don't know how to fix this. Would really appreciate some help to fix this and allow me to connect to my server with my domain in my local server.

PS: I am running Ubuntu 16.04 in the server and my router is Huawei's HG253S

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