Nginx Routing for Subdomain

by jackhammer013   Last Updated April 16, 2018 07:00 AM

We have a website that is running using nginx:

and let's say it's IP is

Then we have an account in we are using this to manage all our dns routing. We have a portal which is located in

So bascially the portal is just a directory inside

What we want to do is add a subdomain We need a portal subdomain so we added an entry to dnsmadeeasy.

What we want is when you browse is we can see the same thing in so it's like a mirror of our portal. So we added the portal subdomain and also point it to same IP Address So technically it is pointed in the same server.

When I browse the site, it says nginx 403 forbidden.

My question is that, is and is being served in the same nginx installation or config? How do I map in nginx to render the same content or files that is located in

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