CPanel Error with 500 , inodes issue

by Shubham Panchal   Last Updated November 14, 2017 18:00 PM

When i open CPanel it shows me :-

Internal Server Error


The system failed to open the session file “/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/:WeHOKMGQhDNLZh” because of an error: No such file or directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 269, line 2.

i have tried many of solutions but i did't get help from anything.

when i run this "df -ih"

Output :-

Filesystem     Inodes      IUsed       IFree       IUse%       Mounted on

/dev/vda1        1.9M       1.9M           0        100%       /

tmpfs            235K          1        235K         1%        /dev/shm

/usr/tmpDSK       62K         17         62K         1%        /tmp

i am trying from 13 Hours , and i am new to linux.

your help will be very appreciated

Thank You So Much

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