Computer unable to run any VM. All VMs freeze

by W944   Last Updated November 03, 2017 23:00 PM

I have a problem with my current PC:

  • MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition Motherboard
  • Intel 4790K CPU

Every time I try to run any VM on that PC the VM ends up freezing at some point, requiring me to hard reset the VM to reboot it. This can happen form 30 seconds after booting the VM to 24 hours. It will always hard freeze with no logs to explain such behavior.

I've tried multiple virtualization apps: Windows Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation, Virtualbox. All of them exhibit the same behavior.

Also same behavior whether Intel VT is enabled or disabled in the bios.

Did anyone ever experience such a problem? How can I pinpoint what the problem is?

Thank you,

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