How do we conclude our Hyper-V host is overloaded with Virtual Machines or not?

by Kevv   Last Updated November 01, 2017 15:00 PM

We have 2 Hyper-V hosts with quite a lot of resources (192 GB RAM, 12 core CPU's, 15K RPM hard disks).

However we do ask a lot from these machines as they are both running a file server, an exchange server, 2 domain controllers, a bunch of IIS servers and a terminal server farm For a total of approx. 14 Virtual Machines per Hyper-V host. None of these machines use less than 8GB RAM. The 3 terminal servers use 24GB ram and the exchange servers use 32GB RAM.

It's great that we can create as many virtual servers as we want but it's easy to forget that for every Virtual Machine we create and run we are still depleting the same physical hardware resources.

My question: How do we effectively conclude whether we are overloading our Hyper-V hosts with Virtual Machines and we should prepare a third hardware-based Hyper-V host?

Advice would be very much appreciated!


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