Linux local storage high-availability like Starwind vSAN or Microsoft S2D

by Obs   Last Updated October 25, 2017 18:00 PM

I am looking for a Linux solution (Fedora/CentOS) that does the same thing as Microsoft's Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) or Starwind's vSAN.

They basically take the local storage across multiple servers and turn it into a single HA pool of storage. This way if one server goes down, fine, you can spin up everything on the other server without having lost any data, as it's replicated pretty much in real time across the storage pool between all servers.

I was looking at HA-LVM, but it looks like that requires external storage, such as a SAN. This defeats the purpose of HA, as the storage device is a single point of failure.

Did I perceive HA-LVM incorrectly or will it do what I need?

If not, are there any other built-in or open-source solutions that provide local storage HA?

My goal is to have multiple VMs running on KVM/QEMU hypervisor using local HA storage, exactly what Starwind vSAN or S2D does for Hyper-V. I know Starwind vSAN is free without support, but I want to do everything on Linux open source software, and don't want to depend on a company like Starwind or Microsoft.

Thank you!

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