My folder permissions are not working(or im an idiot)

by Pepito   Last Updated September 05, 2015 04:00 AM

I am configuring a 2008 R2 server for learning experience. The problem I'm having is the following:

Current situation: I created 5 Users, put the users in a global group and made the global group member of a domain local group. I then proceeded to make give the Domain Local Group permissions to enter my ''Administration'' folder. When the users in the group try to open the folder, it says ''you need permission to perform this action''

What I attempted: Restarting the clients, and servers. I recreated the users and recreated the groups aswell as the folder I am trying to give users access to. I also attempted giving permission to the folder by just using Global Groups(so without the Domain Local Group part) and that did work. But I need to learn how to do it via AGDLP(so with the domain local group)

Desired situation: The users in the groups specified above, can access the ''Administration'' folder and create files and folders in it. There is very little information I could find about this problem on the internet.

I hope to get help here.

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