Hyper-V share a folder between host and instance

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I have a hyper-v server and several VM's (Virtual Machines). All the VM's are connected to an external network.

I have tried to share a folder on the host and connect via the VM, I can do this but I'm prompted for a user name and password (as you would expect). I do not want to enable the "Everyone" group permissions as the physical host server is on a network of other servers.

I have created a new virtual internal network in Hyper-V and given it's adapter a static ip of I have added the virtual adapter to one of the VM's and set to IP to (as advised here). Again this seems to work but I'm still prompted for a user name and password.

Am I on the right lines here? I just want to share a directory from the host to the vm's without exposing the share to other servers on the network.

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The only way to get networking from the guest VMs to the management OS involves using passwords. It doesn't matter whether you create a separate network. The issues are the same. Windows authentication is based on users, groups and roles, but not IP addresses.

As Chris mentioned, many people solve this by setting up domains, using Active Directory to manage credentials.

Jake Oshins
Jake Oshins
December 17, 2011 00:02 AM

Again this seems to work but I'm still prompted for a user name and password.

And how is this related to Hyper-V?

Set up your file share and Folder persmissions on the disc to allow UNAUTHENTICATED USERS in and you will not be promted.

"everyone" is "everyone I know" which means "still ask for a password to know who you are".

The question should read "Need to setup a Network share so it does not ask for username and Password". The question is totally neutral to anything even touching Hyper-V.

October 31, 2012 06:37 AM

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