Folder-Organising Photos already Imported and Edited in Lightroom

by Jamie2483   Last Updated July 11, 2018 10:18 AM

At some point I imported photos in to Lightroom without allowing for them to be categorised in to date subfolders. I now have a batch of files 'loose' in my 2018 folder. Since importing them I have done a lot of editing and would not want to loose that work.

How can I organise these so that they are in date organised folders?

See DSC02272 onwards

Answers 1

You can move the photos outside of LR eg. with exiftool and a command line like

exiftool -d %Y-%m-%d "-directory<datetimeoriginal" *.arw

into date folders. Afterwards, let LR know about the new locations by right-clicking the root folder in LR and synchronize.

July 11, 2018 09:36 AM

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