Panning shots with two cameras

by Mr_Thyroid   Last Updated April 15, 2018 20:18 PM

I've been doing some sport photography and love blurry panning shots - I recently acquired a second body which is brilliant for cutting down lens changes but I now find that my panning ability is compromised by the inertia of my second camera - either that or I'm distracted by it threatening to fall off my shoulder or bash into a fence post - it's not too bad if I slip it over my head and shoulder but then I get into a tangle with the straps particularly if I'm wearing a hood - it's all very awkward.

What solutions are there for carrying two cameras whilst still having free movement, being able to switch between them easily and not worrying about dropping them or bashing them into something?

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I use a Blackrapid strap. It can be worn crossbody with a camera on either side but doesn't restrict motion nearly as much as a conventional camera strap. They have several models to choose from...

April 15, 2018 19:36 PM

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