Advice for shooting with Jena Pancolar MC

by Alex   Last Updated March 01, 2018 11:18 AM

I've just ordered a Zeiss Jena Pancolar MC 50mm prime lens, and have been reading up as much as I can about how to get the best quality images from it.

It's my intention to use it mainly with 3 different film SLRs, but occasionally with an APS/C Samsung mirrorless.

As I understand it, the sharpness on this lens is most crisp in the centre of the frame (as with my other 50mm lenses really), but I can't find much information on the way the lens behaves at different f-stops with regard to sharpness around the edges of the frame.

I realise that it is very subjective to ask how to get high quality images, but I'm curious if anybody with experience of these lenses has any tips on how to ensure as sharp an image as possible.

Mostly, I tend to photograph scenes of industrial decay, landscapes, and various wild plants and flowers in reasonably bright sunlight, however as the uk weather tends toward dim days for a lot of the year, I find that I'm often taking shots in much lower light than I'd like.

When I'm photographing plants, I tend to place the subject close to dead centre so this isn't too much of a worry for me, but when I'm photographing buildings or industrial scenes, I like to get as much of the edge of the frame in sharp focus as possible. One a session in Wales, it was fairly dark so I had the lens wide open (in this case, it was a Fujinon 55mm) and found that there was noticeable loss of sharpness at the edges of the shot. Stopping down a little and shooting for longer resolved this nicely.

I'd be grateful for any tips from anyone who has used one of these lenses in the past. I'm flying a little blind as on paper it seems like a superb lens, but I don't know anybody personally who has used one to consult.

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