What factors should I consider when downsizing equipment - and getting rid of a camera?

by Crazy Dino   Last Updated February 13, 2018 13:18 PM

This is an inverse shopping question really.. rather what equipment should I buy.. what equipment should I get rid of, and how to decide.

Currently I have one full frame camera (5D2), and one crop sensor camera (7D). I've just placed an order for a new FF DSLR (5D4) which will leave me three cameras.

  • Both existing bodies have their own pros and cons, e.g. AF/FPS, lowlight, image quality, full framey goodness.
  • I use both my existing bodies for different purposes, however I expect the new one will take over all purposes as has all the pros of both my existing cameras.
  • I do double body
  • No. Really. I don't need three cameras!

What should I look at (including my existing work) to decide which one to get rid of?

(I'm trying to keep this generic and on topic as much as possible, so if you can provide comments for alterations/changes to bring this on topic please do!)

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