Max shutter speed with flash in manual mode

by A.Bretto   Last Updated January 28, 2018 16:18 PM

I'm using canon 700d. I'm trying to shoot some shots water drops with flash.But When I turn on flash in Manual mode I'm restricted to max shutter speed of 1/200. Is that the way it was or did I messed up somewhere.Please suggest your ideas.

Answers 1

You don't need the shutter to be faster, just ensure the only significant light source is the flash - then the ambient lighting will not affect your results.

The flash itself will then be able to effectively freeze the action, with something in the order of 1/10,000th of a second exposure; something your shutter alone would never be able to achieve.

1/200 is quite normal as a maximum sync speed when using flash. Some cameras can get slightly higher, but not significantly.

January 28, 2018 15:49 PM

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