Design and Fabricating My Own Lens

by user2926110   Last Updated December 29, 2017 18:18 PM

I have a small business (just me) selling an inspection machine. The camera and lens work well, but I've had to print my own camera mount to get the lens further away from the CCD to get a good focus. The depth of field is extremely narrow, and I am interested in possibly making my own lens if I can buy the parts, and 3D print the barrel. I believe it's simple, but I really don't know anything about this. I downloaded software a year or two ago, I think called Synoptic. I dabbled, but don't know what I'm doing. The CCD is 1/3 inch, and it is placed six inches from the target, with the target being .7 inches diameter. The target is not normal to the lens, and is at a 30 degree angle. This angle causes problems with the top and bottom edges not being in focus. Is there a tutorial somewhere for software that I can freely download? Or, is there other reference material I should be reading?

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