stacking diffusers to further soften the light?

by Reed   Last Updated December 07, 2017 03:18 AM

i want to achieve the softer possible light possible. i was thinking about using multiple diffusers to further soften the light. for instance, using a Speedlight with a plastic cap diffuser inside a portable "sock" soft diffuser, inside a softbox, or something like a small softbox inside a bigger one using both the inner and outer diffusion screens on each...

i understand that i would lose some stops with each diffuser but i often use speedlights set as low as 1/128 power, so i could just use full or half power if adding more difusion.

is my thinking sound? would that be a good solution for a very soft wraparound light? or am i much better buying a big studio strobe to have a bigger light source and put it in the biggest octabox i can carry?

(it needs to be portable as i usually set up a portable studio on location with several pro speedlights like the 580exii)

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