Nikon D800E focus problem with YN685N and yn622n-tx in a low light situations

by Ivan Djukić   Last Updated October 16, 2017 06:18 AM

Im using Nikon D800E with my 24-70 2.8 lens. Problem hapens in low light situation using Yn equipment said above. I shoot at f5.6 and pics arent that sharp, but when i put my sb910 it s all good even on f2.8. Situation is a little better at f8 but it s too much for me. I m using YN's AF assist red grid and i allways get focus confirmation. Anyone had similar issue?

Answers 1

This is probably motion blur, your shutter speed is too long. Try opening it to F2.8. It is very strange that it gets better at F8 though, could it be a lucky shot?

rick boender
rick boender
November 04, 2017 18:47 PM

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