issues printing with Canon pixma pro 100 - paper size

by Sonic Soul   Last Updated September 13, 2017 02:18 AM

i've had this printer for years and i've never been able to print anything right. this is so frustrating. i've taken another attempt at figuring it out. after replacing all the @#! inks (even though they were barely used) it is now complaining about paper size. as far as i can tell 11 blinks = wrong paper size.

i've selected A3, my paper size is 11" x 17" and put it in to top tray. i've selected A3 from mac photo preview app. i've also tried printing from photoshop but I end up at the same paper size dialog. I am putting the paper in top tray so the long side is sticking up vertically, as it looks like the only way it could fit. running out of ideas. so frustrated with this printer.

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