Resizing photos with d5500

by Kary   Last Updated June 17, 2017 16:18 PM

I replaced my NIKON P90 for interior work photos with a D5500 for better light control without flash. That is working fine but when I resize for the Web my photos are 500 x 334 instead of 500 x 375 which my website is set up to accept. Why?

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Answers 1

The sensor ratio are different:

When resizing your images, you are probably fixing the length of the longest dimension of your image to 500 pixels, and the shortest dimension is computed accordingly.

  • On the P90, it yields 500*375 pixels images (500/375 = 4/3)
  • On the D5500, it yields 500*334 pixels images (500/333 = 3/2)

You need to crop the D5500 images using a 4/3 image ratio.

June 17, 2017 15:51 PM

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