What lens should a traveller buy?

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I am a traveller. I like taking walking tours and clicking pictures of people in the street.

Once i developed a passion for photography, New York was the first place in visited. I used a 35 mm Nikon lens to shoot pictures. This lens was perfectly apt for NYC, considering the street width as well as for night photography.

Though this lens is not great for tele-photos, I used to shoot pictures and crop in. But now i feel this camera is restricting my experiments.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Both these pictures were cropped and hence sharpness is lost in this process.

Please suggest me help picking up my next lens. I have a 18-55mm and a 35 mm lens currently. Once i buy a new one, i dont want to carry my 18-55 lens.

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Do some math:

If you took a picture on your 35 mm and you cropped, lets say the width:

  • 50% you need a 70mm lens.

  • 75% (leaving just 1/4 of the total width) 140mm (150) lens.

And so on.

But if you are not cropping in exact proportions all your photos you need a zoom lens, for example a 70-200mm or 55-200mm.

Look for a good quality one or you will leave it at home with your kit lens.

But, I personally would carry my kit zoom lens for travel until I find a suitable replacement... (another 18-55 mm zoom lens, just better quality)

April 15, 2016 16:20 PM

I use a Tamron 16-300mm (APS-C lens) for travel, the flexibility is really good. The lens is obviously a compromise, and it's a very slow lens.

But as a one lens for all purposes for travel, I can't thing of anything better (or I haven't tried any lens that fits me better).

You can see some video reviews here:



April 15, 2016 19:24 PM

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