Canon DSLR USB Chargers?

by NULLZ   Last Updated December 31, 2017 05:18 AM

I'm wondering if there are any USB chargers available for canon DSLRs. I often head out for extended periods of time without electricity with my camera gear which always makes me nervous about when its going to run out. I've got something like this (a campfire charging stove) which produces at max about 10W of power. I'm wondering if there are any options for charging via USB? I'm using a 5D mkII/III.

If there aren't any USB based chargers around, what alternatives are there?


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The best thing I can find is using Solar panels that can output 12VDC and using a cigarette lighter car charger. 5V seems insufficient from what some quick research showed.

AJ Henderson
AJ Henderson
April 16, 2013 14:09 PM

The Bower XC-CE6 3-in-1 Individual Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 description at says it can charge your LP-E6 batteries via USB. I've never used one.

Michael Clark
Michael Clark
April 16, 2013 17:54 PM

Here's a 2-battery USB charger for $11 with 4.5 star review from > 500 reviewers. Finally, can travel without bulky AC adapter.

Kyle Hotchkiss
Kyle Hotchkiss
December 30, 2017 23:37 PM

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