Is is possible to externally power my DSLR with the original battery that is connected to the DSLR by means of wires?

by Jeroen   Last Updated October 09, 2019 08:18 AM

I have a set of cameras mounted to a rig, in such a way that in order to remove the batteries for charging, I have to unscrew the complete camera, which is undesired. One option is a dummy battery with an AC-adapter, but this gets quite expensive for the number of cameras we are using. I do not need or want to power the cameras through the grid.

So my idea is to completely remove the battery from the camera and power the camera by using the original battery as an 'external battery'. My question is then, can I attach wires to the connection points inside the camera by twisting the wires around them, which are then 1 on 1 connected to the original battery on the other side (making sure the wires inside the camera are well insulated and unable to cause short-circuit) ?

I am not sure if this is theoretically possible, or if some pressure is required to the contact points in the camera in order for it to work properly (which is the case when the original battery is inserted).

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