Is Sensor Noise Consistent Between Cameras of the Same Model?

by JShorthouse   Last Updated October 08, 2019 13:18 PM

The RAW photo editing program Darktable has a "Denoise - profiled" filter which reduces image noise by using a noise profiles for your camera model and ISO submitted by other users:

The darktable team, with the help of many users, has measured noise profiles for various cameras. Differentiated by ISO settings we evaluated how the noise statistics develop with brightness for the three color channels. Our set of profiles covers well above 200 popular camera models from all major manufacturers.

However, I would have thought that the pattern of noise would be completely different between all cameras, determined by manufacturing tolerances. But surely this cannot be the case if this filter exists?

Does this mean that all sensors of the same type will exhibit the exact same pattern of noise? Surely this cannot be the case, as if the noise pattern was 100% predictable and reproducible then sensor manufacturers would be able to keep tweaking their manufacturing process until all noise was removed.

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