Canon EOS 600D vs 5D Mark II

by Daniel Stephens   Last Updated October 09, 2018 04:18 AM

this is my first here so please be merciful, in case I missed a forum rule

I had a Canon EOS 600D for 6 years but switched now to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II because I faced the limit of my camera. I do a lot of HDR photography and felt kind of limited after all these years.

I got a really good price for a used Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and I tried it out a couple of times. The more and more I dive into the camera and it's settings I am pretty happy but the image quality is not really much better. Yes, the comparison is not fair, because the 5D Mark has a bigger FOV and therefore I had to scale the image down a little bit, still wondering if you have some tips.

Both pictures were shot with a Canon EOS 50mm, f1.8 and the following settings:

ISO 400, f1.8 and ISO 160 (left) and 125 (right). Is it just me or why did I expect a better quality? Thanks a lot for any input!

enter image description here

enter image description here

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