Do any non-commercial gas range models offer linear burner response?

by troodon   Last Updated March 14, 2019 18:17 PM

I don't understand why most ranges don't offer a linear flame response as you turn the dial up on a burner. They have "jumps" from low to medium-low, to medium-high, etc. The dials themselves turn smoothly, always, but the flame responds erratically. For example, on a numbered dial from 1-10, 1-3 might be low, and then suddenly at around 3.5 it jumps to medium low, where it remains until 5. Seems to me they should just have 4 buttons (low, med, etc..) instead of a dial that fools us into thinking we have fine control.

I really want to get a range with a straight linear burner response, and no "presets." Not only is the information nearly impossible to get from manufacturers (I've tried, and many don't seem to know their own products), but retailers obviously can't leave ranges hooked up in their showrooms, so it's impossible to test them. I'm tired of trying to get the "sweet spots" between the presets that the manufacturer has decided is optimal for my cooking.

I've heard that many commercial-style (Bluestar, Wolf, etc.) offer this. What about other non-commercial-style and less expensive models from other brands (LG, GE, etc.)? Thank you.

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