How can I make a simple wheat porridge

by James Wilson   Last Updated February 10, 2019 19:17 PM

I previously asked this question What is the simplest way to cook wheat flour with salt distributed through the wheat? and one of the answers said I could simply boil wheat flour, salt and water and it will give me a porridge.

firstly can you advise me how much water to wheat flour there should be?

Also I'm not quite sure how this would give a porridge effect, wont the mixture just dry up or is it because of heat that it will have a porridge effect? will it stay like this until it goes cold again? The answer said the wheat need not be heated but the recipe calls for heating.

Anyway can you provide a simple recipe as per my goals and explain why it wont just become a hard block of dough, and how I reheat it? Also if water at anytime is seperate from dough the salt would draw out defeating my even distribtion goal.

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