Cleaning plastic bags used for sous vide

by J. Doe   Last Updated May 27, 2018 19:17 PM

I am using this kind of vacuum bag for sous vide. They work perfectly but recently I have been having a problem cleaning them.

I let them sit for a few days after using them without cleaning them, because I was too lazy - no excuses here. Then I got to scrubbing. I scrubbed them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid and even though they were completely clean they still smelled foul. So I scrubbed them again with antibacterial soap, thinking bacteria began to thrive from the decomposing meat and somehow clung to the bag, but they still smell bad.

Before I used to use the same kind of bag but bought from a different seller. The "model" was exactly the same, save that both sides of the bag were smooth. The ones I am currently using have one of the inside sides sort of "ribbed" with tiny horizontal and vertical grooves. I had no problem cleaning my old bags but now I can't seem to be able to get rid of the smell of these ones.

The smell wouldn't be bothering me so much if I knew it was safe to reuse them but I'm thinking it might harm the food if I cook it in them.

Am I correct in assuming so and, in either event, how should I get rid of the smell?

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