How can I effectively make several pizzas for a large group?

by mmathis   Last Updated September 04, 2017 17:17 PM

I have a pizza dough recipe that works very well (variant of Bobby Flay's, though I sub some of the bread flour oyt for AP and white wheat). It involves two stages of rising - one covered in an oiled bowl and the other under a tea towel just before shaping. The recipe makes 2 ~14" pizzas, which I bake in my oven on two stones. I shape and top one, put it in the oven, and then start shaping the second.

I've doubled the recipe before with little problem. I use two oiled bowls, bake 2 at a time, but spend a while shaping and topping them as I make each in succession. I notice that the last ball of dough under the tea towel is getting a bit dried out on the outside by the time I get to shaping it.

I'm wanting to make pizzas for a larger group, large enough that I'd probably want at least 8 pizzas. If I were to follow the same procedure I do when I double the recipe, I'd be mixing, kneading, shaping, topping, and baking for several hours.

How can I effectively scale up the recipe, with the restriction that I only have the one oven (I could maybe bake a third on the grill)? What steps can I do ahead of time, and how far ahead?

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